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Clairvoyant guidance and healing

Why Use a Psychic?

The main reason is because energy is real, and thoughts and feelings are made of energy in the same way physical matter is made of energy. Since we are mainly thoughts and feelings, we are energy beings as much as physical ones. A psychic has trained his body and has an innate talent to be able to perceive, interpret and affect or heal this energy. A psychic can read your energy like a book and tell you what you are doing. Self knowledge is extremely valuable, and we are not the best observers of ourselves. Also not all of the energy in your body is yours - if you have never paid any attention, probably less than half. Having a lot of energies like invalidation in your body can also negatively affect your perception and performance, especially if you believe it's your energy. A reading will validate your energy in your body, your space, and highlight energies that are not, or move them out in a healing. 

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About Patrick

Patrick has been psychic all his life and took his first classes of training when he was seventeen at the Berkeley Psychic Institute, over forty years ago when Lewis Bostwick was alive, and has done daily psychic maintenance and meditation since that time. In his thirties he trained at Aesclepion with John Fulton and David Pearce and then went on to graduate from the BPI clairvoyant program. More recently has taken classes with Carmen Figueres at Spirit is Calling school. Patrick is also conversant with twelve step programs and intense trauma and PTSD recovery. His road has not been an easy one and he has developed axiomatic tactics and methods for life to help cope with difficult situations. He has helped a lot of people over the years and finds using his psychic tools interesting and rewarding. He also spent thirty years as a building contractor and small businessman. With experience as an expert craftsman he brings this attitude and practice into everything he does, including psychic work.

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