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Getting unstuck readings

Everyone gets stuck at one time or another, but sometimes it just seems impossible to get unstuck. There are myriad of different places to get stuck, but some of them include getting stuck in your artistic desires; your relationships; your career; your spiritual practice; your workout regimen; or some situation that is specific to your precise situation. If you are stuck in some area of your life, it is possibly completely energetic. The energy block can be intricate and comprised of a number of different energies wound together, which is what makes it hard. One psychic concept is being "senior" to an energy, which means you are the boss of it; but generally everyone has some energies - levels of fear, anger, pain or whatnot - that they are not senior to. Usually if you are stuck it is a problem of seniority, which by it's nature is daunting. The other thing is a concept called "permission"; we are completely in charge of all our energy, but we may make energetic agreements with others to do or not do certain things. So often we don't actually have the permission to do things until we address that agreement, which can be subtle. This is technical stuff, but is very central to how we get stuck and a psychic can be extremely useful in sorting it out, especially if you are really stuck and have been for a long time in a certain area. Being badly stuck can be very demoralizing over time.

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