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Male readings

Men have one big advantage over women, which is that women often think they understand men, where men know they don't understand women. In fact almost no one understands men, including men, because the culture does not have much support for men that way. In reality men, like everything, function in particular ways, and are better off using some methodologies than others. Men and women are not the same energetically, which most people intuitively understand. The most single important figure in your life, your mother, had no present time experience of being a man at all, and in fact probably gave you a lot of female information - which can be very useful, just not in operating a male body. If you were fortunate enough to have had a male figure in your life who knew how to operate a male body, and most don't, you can learn from watching them, but generally they won't articulate it. A male psychic with training in the male space can look at you specifically and get some of that female energy out of places it does not belong, and generally help straighten that space out. It's good to be a man, but if that is not your experience this might be a reading for you.

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