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Recovery reading 

Addiction of one form or another, be it to alcohol, drugs, food or other people - to name a few - can absolutely destroy a life, even leading to jails, institutions and death. For a real addict who has lost all control of their addiction, twelve step programs may be the only solution, and thank the lord there is a solution. A psychic with a few decades in the program who is completely familiar with the twelve steps and the entire philosophy and practice of the process can provide specific energetic support in moving through recovery. Addiction is a cunning enemy of life and is also baffling and powerful. Most addicts never even get into a twelve step program, because they listen to their disease, the only disease that tells you you don't have a disease. And the steps, which are central to the process, are not easy for everyone. The main energy that makes it difficult is atheism, which is super prevalent in out culture, literally everywhere. But God, or a higher power of your understanding, occurs very early in the steps, and this is a barrier for many. Every person has a relationship with god, the supreme being, but there can be a lot of barriers to experiencing that relationship in the body. A psychic who knows the ropes can help you work that energy and move forward into being happy, joyous and free.

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