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Romance and relationship readings

There is nothing quite so perilous as choosing a lover or a mate, because people are not entirely forthcoming in dating situations, understandably preferring to show only their best attributes, . And someone who is exciting in the short term might not be compatible in the the longer or even in the medium term, leading to lost time and and perhaps hurt feelings. A psychic can look at your prospective partner and their romance goals and compare them to your own to see if they are compatible. You might have long term goals, for instance, and theirs be quite short, and they might not even know that, or they might be using you. Your emotional body is valuable and delicate and works best when it is protected and kept safe. And you might have fairly specific goals and needs, simply because of who you are and your personal path. A psychic can compare these factors as well and make some judgement calls on whether your needs are likely to be met by that person in the long, or short, term.

And then in an ongoing relationship, it can get to be a real struggle at times. Even when you love your partner and want what is best for them, their history before they met you, especially their romantic history, will affect how they react to situations that come up. These are dynamic can get very complex and extremely puzzling, where the same type of situation comes up repeatedly. A trained psychic with relationship life experience will recognize some of these trends and be able to offer useful observations, and heal or remove some of the negative energies, making things easier and avoiding dead ends. I know a lot of the mistakes from having tried them, wisdom comes from making mistakes, but it's better to learn from another person's experience.

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