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Simple spiritual tool training

You may be a psychic yourself, and want to learn some simple tools to secure your space and increase the amount of your energy in it as opposed to other peoples energy, which will enhance your sensitivity and keep at bay some of the problems of being overly empathic, which are not insignificant. Basic tools are easy to learn, though they take a lifetime to master. They include an introduction  to the sixth chakra and the center of head space, grounding to the earth, aura protection, introduction to energy,and present time. You can also learn psychic meditation and more. It's a lot easier to learn these things with a psychic watching you and commenting on what you are doing until you get a sense of it, it's mostly knacks you have to experience. If you are serious you can go to a online school like Spirit is Calling, but it costs a chunk of change and a spiritual tool training can act as a preview of what's involved, give you a sense of it. Or you might simply want to know the very basics in a short time - the classes are long and the real training is a year program, and then there is a bunch of graduate curriculum. A trained psychic can get you better squared away than you were pretty quickly.    

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