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Trauma readings

Some people have two competent parents that have themselves together and can create an attentive and caring space for a child to grow up in. Those children are very lucky. Others may have parents that for a variety of reasons cannot provide this space, and may even be violent or sexually molest their children. This kind of abuse or neglect does not vanish as you grow up. There is no substitute for a good therapist - and they are not all good - but I believe that one session with a psychic who is intimately familiar with those energies and has many years of therapy is more useful than one session with a therapist, because therapy is a slow process. Direct and substantial energetic healing can be central to recovery from this kind of situation. If you are laboring under this kind of burden, perhaps suffering from suicidal ideation and depression, then you might as well try, you really deserve, some professional healing. Or you may have had a fairly decent childhood but be in a bad marriage, or had a lot of death around you, or acquired PTSD in any number of ways. I am completely conversant with this stuff, and it does not repel me as it might repel a purely romance psychic.  

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